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Wind range based on average rider weight of 75kg/165lbs using a twintip board.
BEST kiteboarding does not recommend that any kiter rides in winds exceeding 35 knots.
The evolution of the Kahoona cult continues - I wanted to make the
Kahoona more fun to ride and keep the low end power and ease of use.”
Peter Stiewe
The Kahoona provides the perfect mix of attainable, freeride performance and value
for money for every rider and any riding style
Automatic relaunch, reliable downwind drift and rock solid stability make the
Kahoona perfect for attacking any wave or any new trick. With easy handling, solid
performance and day long comfort the Kahoona v5 is the ultimate freeride kite. For
riders who like it ‘old fashioned’ it’s also the only standard inflation kite in our line up.
With a reputation for surprising hang-time and great low end power it’s no
wonder riders like you return to the Kahoona season after season. With more respon-
sive handling, reduced bar pressure and best in class stability courtesy of revised
canopy design and our Air-Aid materials, the v5 is our most obtainable Kahoona yet.