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Wind range based on average rider weight of 75kg/165lbs using a twintip board.
BEST kiteboarding does not recommend that any kiter rides in winds exceeding 35 knots.
Team rider designed, tested and ridden to PKRA victory by 8x World Champion Gisela
Pulido the GP v2 delivers competition winning performance. The patented Reflex
curved LE provides amazing unhooked feel with an endless sweet spot. Extending the
canopy area at the center strut gives you extra lift for jumping and effortless drive for
staying upwind in the competition zone.
The new Double Core RS canopy fabric provides increased strength and reduced
weight for tighter, more precise handling. The Twin-Tune attachment system offers
multiple front and rear line tuning options so you can dial in any combination of
handling and performance to effortlessly switch between new school and wakestyle
settings in seconds, allowing you to reinvent your style to blow away the competition
at a moment’s notice.
With no bridles or pulleys the GP v2 gives you the fastest, most direct connection
between you and your next trick. Combine it with our GP -Bar v2 for an unfair
advantage in your next heat.
New school tool - The GP v2 is a tool for new school riders,
with the goal of making tricks easy. It is not a bitchy old C-
kite, it’s a precision tool designed to provide best possible
new school performance.”
Peter Stiewe