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Your search is over. Unhooked or hooked the Cabo will help you charge every wave.
The mid-aspect, tri-strut layout helps reduce weight and allows the Cabo to sit fur-
ther back in the window with impeccable downwind drift - no matter how hard the
wind is blowing. The short, reactive micro bridle works in harmony with the tri-strut
layout to maximize turning speed and feedback. An Open-C platform provides great
stability with minimum bar pressure so you can commit 100% on any wave that
you ride into.
Because big waves demand respect, we built the Cabo with our new Double Core RS canopy
material, Canopy Framing Technology and 3D Kevlar Airframe construction. The Cabo is
built Surf Tough to survive any wave that you can ride. 100% wave focused the Cabo will
always let you find the perfect position on every wave for expressing your unique style. It’s
so good to ride that we’re sure it will be your first choice kite even when there are
no waves to ride.
What can I say?...purity and addiction, that is what waves do
to you. That is where the Cabo takes you. A wave kite that
drifts gracefully downwind in side off and reacts directly to
input in side on conditions. Take your quiver of Cabo kites
with you and explore the world .”
Peter Stiewe
Wind range based on average rider weight of 75kg/165lbs using a twintip board.
BEST kiteboarding does not recommend that any kiter rides in winds exceeding 35 knots.