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Wind range based on average rider weight of 75kg/165lbs using a twintip board.
BEST kiteboarding does not recommend that any kiter rides in winds exceeding 35 knots.
The Nemesis HP v3 has all the unique design features andmind blowing performance
that helped create its legendary reputation and incredibly loyal customer following.
The Nemesis HP v3 design improves upon all previous incarnations.
Advancements in canopy shaping and a revised bridle design have
allowed us to enhance stability and unhooked performance. New
material choices and aerodynamic refinements mean that when you pull
the trigger, the Nemesis HP v3 will rip you off the water with explosive
vertical lift and keep you airborne with a hang time sensation that is
simply unique.
With our exclusive Cuben Fiber equipped leading edge, the Nemesis
HP v3 delivers outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. A reduced diameter
Cuben leading edge minimizes drag, giving increased lift and hang time,
faster flying and greater upwind ability. Cuben Fiber’s unique zero-stretch
characteristics allow us to create a kite with a thinner and stiffer leading
edge, providing a previously impossible mix of performance and stability.
With Twister Techtm integrated into the Nemesis HP v3, you can use
more of the canopy to generate effective turning force. Twister Tech
delivers faster turn initiation and tighter turning with reduced bar
conditions and serving up insane freestyle potential when ridden overpowered.
The Nemesis HP v3 benefits from our latest external EZ-Pump
design, new
needle construction, Air-Aid Materials, hidden bridle patches, Cuben Fiber
and Twister Tech
It’s the most advanced HP we’ve made to date and it defies
easy categorization.