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The Spark Plug is the perfect freeride and new school board for riders who value quality
and performance and it’s our most popular mid-range board . With our Pre-Preg layup and
Wood Flex Core there’s no better board to help you maximize your progress. Every size of
Spark Plug has a perfectly dialed-in flex pattern so you are sure to find the perfect fit for
your size, weight, and skill level.
Priced lower than you would expect for a board with such a high-spec, it’s the perfect
board for any intermediate rider or expert looking for a slightly softer board.
Designed with progress in mind, the Spark Plug is one bright idea you’ll never outgrow.
Spark Plug Sizes: 136 x 41cm and 142 x 42cm
Board Package includes Footpads, Straps, Handle, Fins
The Spark Plug is designed to eat the chop and deliver easy handling
performance that riders of any level will love. It’s high spec, high tech
at a mid-price. Take it , ride it, own it.”
Franz Schitzhofer