Page 27 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

Q. Franz where did the Pro-Creator come from?
A. The Pro-Creator was driven by team rider demand for a lighter, faster, stiffer, and
stronger version of the Armada that delivered insane pop and upwind ability to help
you dominate the competition zone in every heat. Michael and the rest of the team
have been asking for this since the v3 Armada.
Q. Michael, why is the Pro-Creator different to the Armada?
A. The needs of pro riders are different to the needs of your average customer. The
Pro-Creator is built to let us throw down all our tricks with precision and power, in any
water conditions during a five minute heat.The Pro-Creator trades a little comfort and
ease of use for a lot of performance and as a Pro-rider that’s exactly what you need.
Q. Franz what features does it share with the Armada?
A. Both boards use the same CNC shaped Paulownia Supremo wood core.This is made
from laminated sections of lightweight Paulownia which is CNC profiled to match the
mold shape. Both boards use a 100% Pre-Preg layup. We only use pre-impregnated
fiberglass, there’s no wet layup, so we get no hot spots, no voids, no excess resin just
the exact mix of resin to glass needed for the optimum strength to weight ratio.That’s
why this year’s boards are up to 700 grams lighter than last year. The boards share the
ABS rail, discrete inserts, Step-Rail bottom shape and our new Vari-Damp flex pattern.
Q. Franz can you explainVari-Damp?
A. Kiteboards are made with the same number of layers and type of fiberglass above
and beneath the core of the board; this gives you the same damping characteristics in
compression and rebound. So if you ride a soft board you get easy landings but poor
pop and if you ride a stiff board you get good pop but harsh landings. WithVari-Damp
we have created asymmetric tension in the lay-up above and beneath the core. This
gives you huge pop with quick rebound from flexing the tips upwards. But we are
also able to dial in a softer response to flex in the opposite direction and that helps to
smooth out chop.Vari-Damp gives you the best of both worlds and it’s unique to BEST.
Q. Michael, who is going to ride the Pro-Creator?
A. Anyone thinking about competing, it’s a no holds barred tool for stomping tricks
and winning heats. If you want a light, stiff, fast twintip, built to take boots and straps
then it’s the board for you - if your riding is good enough. Most riders won’t be able to
handle the Pro-Creator, you have to ride it like you stole it, not like you borrowed it off
your dad for the weekend.