Page 3 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

Last year we invited you to Ride With Us - and
you did. You met us on windswept beaches. You
joined us aboard boats traversing the oceans. You
kited with us in some of the most inaccessible and
beautiful spots on the planet. You shared a few beers
with us and we all shared some tall tales of where
we had been, who we had ridden with and what we
had seen. We even spent some time with you surfing
on the internet when the wind wasn’t blowing. But
above and beyond all of this you once again offered
us your opinions and suggestions - and we listened.
The 2013 equipment line-up is the product of all
those kiting sessions and chance meetings. We’ve
put our heart and souls into creating the most
advanced, highest performance and best looking
kitesurfing equipment on the planet. We’re 100%
sure that these are the best designs we’ve ever
offered and we hope that once again you’ll choose to
RideWith Us.