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The light wind board has finally come of age. Our Torsion-X reinforcement provides the
stiffness and feel that you need underfoot to keep a longer, wider board under control. The
Step Rail design channels water flow under the board for maximum lift and reduced drag,
so you and your Breeze riding friends will be planing away while other riders have to wait
for more wind.
The 145cm and 158cmBreeze boards will provide you withmore days on the water, helping
to make those sub 10 knot days a reality for every rider who prefers a twin tip to a
directional board. Light wind specialists and heavier riders alike will find the Breeze boards
offers the perfect mix of light wind/freeride performance and ease of use.
BREEZE SIZES: 145 X 44cm / 158 X 45.5cm
Board Package includes Footpads, Straps, Handle, Fins
Everything a light wind board needs, early planing, low weight and
insane upwind ability. The Breeze delivers all of this and a huge dose
of pure fun for any kiter.”
Franz Schitzhofer