Page 32 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

Q. Where do the Smack and Stubby come from?
A. We wanted to design a range of surfboards that accommodated the needs
of 99% of the kiters who ride waves. With the Cabo we have the perfect wave
kite, with the Stubby and Smack boards we have the ideal surfboards for the
most frequently surfed conditions. The Stubby is ideal for sloppy, choppy condi-
tions with slower surf that isn’t barreling. The Smack boards are built for faster,
barreling waves.
Q. How are they different from the Shortstick and Spacekraft?
A.The Stubby and Smack are completely new boards, new shapes, new outlines,
new rocker profiles, new fin systems- the only thing they share is that they all use
EPS in the core for light-weight and high strength.
Q. How are they constructed?
A. The Stubby and Smack boards all use a laminated EPS core. Building the core
from vertical layers of EPS instead of a single blank allows you to tailor the feel of
the board and build in a little flex without risking the strength of the board. We
use three layers of differing thickness EPS to give us the exact flex pattern and
strength to weight ratio that we require.
We use double wrapped, 200gsm, ‘tactical glass’ rail reinforcement on all
the boards for maximum durability. We blend this rail construction with our
Progressive Rail profile to give you a board that handles smoothly in the chop
and is fast and loose on a wave.
We use a wood deck construction on every board. This provides a natural feel
underfoot, protects the core from heel dings and doesn’t add weight to the
board like a glass reinforced deck would. We round the construction off with a
Future Fin System using deep PU inserts and glass tape to bond the fin box to
the core of the board.
Q. Who is going to use each board?
A. Wave riders who are looking for the lightweight, supple feel of a custom
board but who want the durability and reliability that only comes from a
production board are going to love the Stubby and the Smack. Just pick the
model that suits your local conditions and you are ready to charge.