Page 35 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

The Kiaola perfectly bridges the gap between light wind, surf and freeride. With more volume
underfoot and a drag cheating bottom shape the Kiaola will get you going when all other
boards are still floundering. Fit some thruster fins and hit a wave and the Kiaola feels as com-
fortable and as connected as any surf shape. Point it hard upwind and it charges like a race
Our Progressive Rail2 design and Custom Foot Fit pad layout combine to provide maximum
adjustability and control for all freeriders, even in the choppiest conditions. The Kiaola defines
the new breed of fast freeride, do anything, directional boards for riders like you who just want
to have fun.
KIAOLA SIZE: 170x60cm
Board Package includes Deck-pads, Straps, 3x 22cm Hex-Core Slalom Fins