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If a waist harness doesn’t feel like the right choice for you, then one of our seat
harnesses will ensure day long riding comfort.
A seat harness cradles the hips and spreads the load across a wider area than
a waist harness. It is the perfect choice if you are taking part in any all-terrain
kiting activity, especially snowkiting, where it can fit more comfortably over
your outer clothing. Many female kiters also find that a seat harness suits
their body shape more than a waist harness and provides greater comfort.
A lower hook-in point than available from a waist harness helps provide greater
freedom of movement and a lower center of gravity, both of which help
make learning to kite easier. Built with a three point padding system,
multi-way adjustable spreader-bar straps, adjustable leg straps and cinch
fit waist adjusters; you’re guaranteed to be able to find the perfect fit.
When you have to hook in you need to make sure your harness is as comfortable as possible. If you ride in over-
powered conditions or throw huge hooked-in jumps and kite loops, then you need a comfortable harness that will
dissipate all kiting loads without causing any hot spots.
We’ve retained our 3D-molded construction, mixing form and function with a new wrap-around liner to protect
and cushion your kidneys. Back support is provided by an integral anatomic support plate. All stitching areas have
been double reinforced, with triple stitching around all loads points, and we’ve introduced a new lightweight,
abrasion resistant vented material for the sides of the harness. All external seams are smooth taped for maximum
comfort and all contact zones are either thermoformed or neoprene wrapped for comfort.
An integrated spreader bar pad protects your ribcage from frontal impact and an additional lower strap helps
keep the spreader bar locked down for riding in insanely overpowered conditions. All webbing hardware is easily
replaceable. A heavy-duty webbing-reinforced handle-pass leash provides the finishing touch, making the Best
Waist Harness the perfect choice for riders who value comfort and performance.