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A full width, triple density, EVA and PU provides the perfect combination support and day
long riding comfort. Toe and heel ramps ensure that you’ll always have plenty of grip, while an
instep arch, medial button and full width, reinforced, Carbon fiber and ABS footplate deliver
lasting durability.
The Fit-block mounting system ensures quick strap and pad placement and easy adjustment.
The Airforce pad/strap combo allows for a huge range of adjustability allowing heel/toe offset
adjustment and a 30 degree+ stance range adjustment from parallel to seriously ‘duck’.
A stiff handle on your board can disrupt the flex pattern and reduce the ride quality. Our Gr-
ab-Flex handle mates a pliable ABS reinforcement with a soft EVA outer grip to provide the
perfect match of comfort and control. It fits every twintip in our line-up and attaches to your
board in second with our unique Fit-Block fasteners.
Accessory Pack includes: Airforce Footstraps and Footpads, Grab Flex Handle v3
If you don’t want to wax your deck then our symmetrical surfboard straps are the perfect
choice. All our surfboards come with front and rear deck pads and fully adjustable footstraps
so you can choose how to rig and ride to help you express your style.