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Q. You’ve had a busy start to the season again this year, how is the PKRA shaping up,
what are the other competitors like this year?
This start of the season has been pretty tough.We have done 6 events of the PKRA and still
more to go. I didn’t start well, at the first event in Morocco I got 4th. Then I climbed up
the ranking back to 1st. Then after the competition in Fuerteventura I went down to 2nd
overall.The level of the girls on the tour is really high, and it’s going to be hard to win again.
I’m doing my best, I’m going to give it everything to defend my title. Now that I have the
best gear, I have to go for it!
Q.You had a lot of input into the revisions to the GP v2 for this season, what changes
did you request and how do they improve the feel of the GP for you?
This winter we chose South Africa for developing the new GP v2 with Peter. Normally its’
pretty hard to work with the designers, riders and designers speak a different language.
But with Peter it’s easy. He listens to feedback and understands exactly how to tune each
size to make it deliver. Together with Michael we’ve made the GPv2 a winning package.
For me the kite this year is awesome. Not perfect, because we always have to improve. But
it’s amazing. Compared to last year, the kite is less physical. You need less strength to ride
with it. It feels super nice, but at the same time, the kite pulls making a huge jump. It’s easy
to do the bar passes because the kite goes out of the window really fast. I had a lot of kites
with high performance, but they were very technical and difficult to ride. With the GP you
have even higher performance, but it’s easy to kite with.To me, it took few days to get used
to my new weapon. Now I’m super comfortable with the kite, and it’s all I need to compete
on the World Tour. Best kite I’ve ever had ;)
Q.You went toTriple S for the first time this year, and won, what was it like competing
in boots, is that a first for you?
Yes it was my first time in theTriple S, competing in boots, and also in the States! I had loads
of fun! Everyone in Cape Hatteras was amazing, I love that place, REAL make such an effort
with that event. It was a bit hard to get used to boots, but it’s something I really like. The
spot to ride there is also really cool. I’m will comeback next year for sure!
Q.Were you surprised to win?
Of course I was surprised to win! It was my first time there, and also riding with bindings.
But I was more surprised to win the waves division. I really enjoyed my time there, they
have it all, surf, sun and sliders.
Q. Were the US BEST crew giving you secret training tips on making it work
in boots?
Yes they where!! They gave me loads of tips! Sam, Ryan, Rich, and Lia as well!! If
they hadn´t helped me it wouldn’t have worked out!
Q.Where do you stand on the straps/boots issue?
I really like boots, and in the future I want to ride them. But for the moment I’m
kiting with straps because I need to get used to bindings.We are in the middle of
the season, and it’s pretty hard to change now. I’m working on it!
Q. Surely anyone can ride boots, shouldn’t you get less points for taking
the easy option?
I don’t agree with that. it doesn’t matter what you have on your feet, it’s how
you ride that counts. The ability to hold down a bit more power comes with a
cost, you have to learn to ride again, re-time all your tricks. Boots and straps are
both equally valid choices and the real skill comes from being able to succeed
with both
Q. With racing joining the Olympics do you hope to see freestyle competi-
tion in the next Olympics as well? Can you see yourself being an Olympic
ambassador for the sport, would that fit your long terms plans.
I love freestyle. It’s my passion. I’d like to see freestyle competition in the Olym-
pics. And if they are in the games, of course I’ll be an ambassador for the sport
and my country. It’s my dream!
Q. You’ve always managed to stay relatively free from injury during your
career, what do you think about the future of the sport?
I’ve been quite lucky with injury so far. I’ve only injured my knee and shoulder,
but had a great recovery and now it’s 100%, that’s really important. But you have
to assume that this risk of getting injured is part of being a professional rider.
You train to avoid it and have a back-up plan in case the worst ever happens.
I think kitesurfing presents a positive image, it’s environmentally conscious,
it promotes a healthy lifestyle and it’s taken seriously as a profes
sional sport.
Look at how quickly we went from nothing to being an Olympic sport. I
think that prove that the sport is here to stay.
Q.What are you goals for the season, competitive and personal?
My goals… Of course, defend my World Tittle! And try to improve as much as
possible in a technical level. And personal, pass my driving license and start jour-
nalism in college. Can’t wait!