Page 43 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

A Push-to-release, quick to reassemble, resistant to false
releases and built to last with no complex mechanical parts.
The Pro-Push QR provides the most reliable QR function
available and it’s designed and tested to exceed all the current
international standards.
Replaceable, low friction Delrin bar inserts help eliminate
center line wear. The undersides are shaped to give a positive
locking fit with the under bar swivel .
Redesigned with larger bearing surfaces and vents for easier
flushing the under bar swivel can be stripped in seconds and
all parts are
The Redline leash connects you directly to you left or right front
flying line, allowing you to completely depower your kite and
override the depower stopper ball automatically whenever you
drop the bar or activate the QR.
Our 3 into 1 Dual Depower Stopper Ball allows for all flying
lines to pass through it giving you all the benefits of our well
established stopper ball design as well as integrating perfectly
with the Red Line safety system.
Fat foam and high strength engineering plastics combine to
create the most comfortable and face friendly bar ends ever
designed. There’s no other bar ends we’d rather come face to
face with.
A drop forged alloy bar center gives you maximum strength between
your hands. With an EVA grip that runs right up to the center hole it
also helps make unhooked kite control just that little bit more secure
than with other bar designs.
We take two 4mm depower lines and braid them together to form The
Big One, an almost indestructible 8mm thick cable. With less line wear
and smoother bar movement you’ll instantly understand why The Big
One is the shape of things to come.
The GP-bar comes equipped with a 5th line safety system for simple
dependable safety and rapid relaunch to help you make the most of
every heat and training session.