Page 44 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

Exclusive all pre-preg layup saves up to 700gms per
board and delivers the optimum strength to weight
ratio. We blend tip-to-tip and transverse glass fiber
weights to fine tune flex, damping and handling.
Exclusive to BEST.
Asymmetric layup deliver differential compression
and rebound damping. So you get outrageous
pop and chop damping ability in the same board.
Exclusive to BEST.
Tranverse positioned, carbon and glass pre-preg tape
torsion control for low-weight and responsiveness.
The Breeze is perfect for light wind conditions and fit
for the needs of heavier riders who demand a larger
board- no one wants to ride a wet noodle.
provides added tip-to-tip stiffness for greater pop. It’s
the unique backbone on which improved jumping
performance has been built. Exclusive to BEST.
The Armada v4 / KB4Girls / Pro Creator carefully blend
core profile and concave towards the tips of the board
to deliver smoother riding in chop and softer landings
than ever before.
A composite core construction using laminated
Paulownia wood sections provides the ideal balance
of high strength and great shock absorption.
for better control and helps steer water flow underneath
your board for maximum lift and early planing
A tri-fin thruster set-up provides control for carving without
having to trade stability at speed.
Choose between a thruster or quad fin set-up to match your
wave and riding style.
Increased width in the tail for more lift and stability when
riding smaller, slower waves.
A loose and fast tail shape suited to hollow, breaking surf.
The Wood Sandwich Deck protects your boards foam core
from heel dings without the added weigth of a protective
glass layer.
PU Strap inserts for riders who don’t want to wax.
Variable rail profile, tuned to smooth out chop and
deliver minimum drag for fast planing in low winds.
x 60 cm the Kiaola Fast-Freeride outline is wide,
round and stable allowing you to ride when other
directional boards are floundering.
Narrow and long for minimum drag and maximum
control our Slalom Foil Fin setup delivers all conditions
strap, 4 strap or strapless, deck pads or waxed you
decide, ride it however you want.
Lighter and stronger, our multi-layer EPS Wave Core
takes surfboard design and performance to the limits,
delivering precise control of flex and responsive feel on
every wave.