Page 45 - 2013 P-CAT_EN

Asymmetric layup deliver differential compression and rebound
damping. So you get outrageous pop and chop damping ability
in the same board. Exclusive to BEST.
Tranverse positioned, carbon and glass pre-preg tape torsion
control for low-weight and responsiveness. In our largest sized
twintips Torsion-X keeps the weight down and maximum control.
A composite core construction using laminated Paulownia wood
sections provides the ideal balance of high strength and great
shock absorption.
Unidirectional pre-preg carbon and glass reinforcement provides
added tip-to-tip stiffness for greater pop. It’s the unique back-
bone on which improved jumping performance has been built.
Exclusive to BEST.
The Armada v4 / KB4Girls / Pro Creator carefully blend core profile
and concave towards the tips of the board to deliver smoother
riding in chop and softer landings than ever before.
Thermally bonded 1x1 strap inserts do not interrupt the flex pat-
tern of the board and allow us to strip away weight and still pro-
vide outrageous durability.
Exclusive all pre-preg layup saves up to 700gms per board and delivers
the optimum strength to weight ratio. We blend tip-to-tip and transverse
glass fiber weights to fine tune flex, damping and handling
to BEST.
Our Step Rail design stiffens the board between your feet for better con-
trol and helps steer water flow underneath your board for maximum lift
and early planing
A box section rail gives the SparkPlug cleaner water release for minimum
drag and maximum upwind ability.
More flexible and frogiving than our Supremo core the Wood fex Core
in the Sparkplug will help you keep riding all day in maximum comfort.
The Spark Plug blends core profile and concave depth to provide
controlled flex zones that soften heavy landings and smooth out the
heaviest chop.
The Breeze’s subtle Double Concave base design helps you stay in
control even in choppy conditions. Channeling ng the flow of water
under the board & flattening the effective rocker line towards the tips
gives you earlier planing than any other twintip we make.
Old school layup for when you need the strongest construction for
hitting sliders and kickers. Nothing compares to the durability of the
Profanity wakestyle board.
Bonded layers of laminated Paulownia and high density foam combine
the endless pop and low weight of a wood core with the added
durability of a foam core. Exclusive to BEST.
A lightweight, high strength, pvc foam, core suround helps reduce swing
weight and provides endless durability
Twin-channel bottom shape provides added straight line grip on the
Profanity allowing you to ride smaller fins or even go finless for hitting
kickers and sliders.
We’ve built a negative camber into the toe and heel rails on the Profanity
v2, so no matter how hard or how many times you land on a slider you’ll
never manage to trip your front edge.
Exclusive to BEST.
The Profanity and Pro-creator boards are both ready for taking boots or
straps- of course you’d have to be a mentalist to put straps on a Profanity!