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Q. Samwhere have you been during the 2012 season?
Everywhere. I’ve kited and competed in some amazing locations, with some
great riders for company. I travelled up through Thailand, then into Cambodia,
onto Vietnam for the KTA tour stop. After Asia I headed back to North America,
hooked up with the RV, kited down in Florida and completed my American Sailor
Certification course. Then over to Europe for the first time, snowkiting in Norway,
riding in Spain and then onto Portugal for the team shoot and finally up to France
for some wakestyle comps.
Q.What results did you get this season?
At the KTA Mui Ne stop I took first in freestyle. In Norway we took 1st place in the
team event at Remi’s invitational and then 7th in the Redbull Ragnorake race- that
was intense. Then in France I grabbed 6th at the Slider Party event and then 2nd
place in the WWA men’s open Wakeboard Contest. It’s been an awesome year for
travel and competition.
Q.Thiswasyourfirsttime inEurope,didyouhookuptheR&DcrewinGuincho
Yeh, what an amazing place Europe is rich in art, architecture and culture, not
to mention some of the best kite spots I’ve ever ridden. Jordi and Peter are tons
of fun on and off the water too. They are super focused on every detail on the
products, looking to improve them any which way. It was great to hang out with
them, try the 2013 gear and give them feedback on the 2013 kites.
Q.What do you think to Guincho?
Guincho’s a really cool little surf town with some of the best waves in the world.
It’s located about 30 mins from Lisboa. It’s a large sandy bay with beach babes in
thongs everywhere! Everyone is super friendly and helpful on and off the water
especially if you’re with the local Best team (Robert, Peter & Jordi). There’s not a ton of
partying in Gunicho itself, but Lisboa, that’s an international party town!
Q. Did you take any sweet proto’s home with you?
I did, and I’ve taken them off some sweet ramps already. Franz our board designer was
kind enough to hook me up with the new Pro-creator to ride. That’s super responsive,
has loads of pop and charges with boots or straps on. Peter and Jordi provided me with
a set of v2 GP’s for the Triple S. I don’t know how the GP got better from v1 to v2 but it
has. I guess all the feedback from the pro-team helps to drive that development along.
I was pretty content on the 2012 kit, but after competing on it I’m totally stoked on the
line up.
Q.Tell us about the slider you built with Rui.
I wanted to leave a little something behind after I left, a slider seemed like a good idea
and Rui seemed stoked on the idea.The local“Leroy”hardware store had all the materials
we need and Rui’s uncle had all the tools necessary. I’m not sure if Rui’s uncle was just
keen to help or expected us to cut our hands off but he basically built the entire slider.
We just showed him the designs, pointed where to cut and he went at it. It was all done
in two afternoons- he’s a legend. It was a good job he helped out because Rui was always
sneaking off to ‘teach lessons’- I think he was just taking a siesta.
Q. So Gisela won theTriple-S in boots, were the US crew helping her out?
Honestly, she didn’t need much help, she’s a natural. We spent some time in boots in
Europe and she was ready to bring it when she came to Hatteras. I hope to see her in
boots on the PKRA soon!
Q. Any truth in the rumor that you are racing again, are you giving up wakestyle for
a crack at the Olympics?
I’ll never give up wakestyle that’s where my heart has always been. With kiteboarding
going to the Olympics I think a lot people are going to be chasing the sport. To
represent your country in front of 7 Billion people at the Olympics would be huge. So yes
I’ve started course racing again.
Q.What’s that all about one minute you are exporting the fine art of slider building
to Portugal and then the next are becoming a‘sailor?’
Ha, ha, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. I have a plen
ty of riding time on my hands to do both aspects of the sport and can make time for
both. To represent my country at the Olympics, there would be no honor greater than
Q. Where do you see things going, there’s so much happening in the sport at the
minute, what’s next?
I don’t know what’s next with kiteboarding I’d be a rich man if I had that crystal ball. I
know I love this sport and nomatter what board (snow, race, wake, surf) I’mon I’m always
having fun on the water. That’s what it’s all about.
Q. US team riders, are they better riders or slider builders?
Sam is pretty good at both. Though he knows my uncle is the slider master!
Q. That’s a sweet looking slider you have in the lagoon now, are you going to add
to it?
Yep. We just finished building a second one to use here at the lagoon. All we need now
is some wind to go with it.
Q. Any plans to integrate it into the lessons you offer?
I will pass for now. I’m not sure we could get insurance to cover those lessons. I’ll keep
hitting them with friends and maybe introduce a few of the locals to the slider. In ‘They
think we are crazy and riding in ‘snowboard boots’- they need educating.
Q.What do you see happening with the sport?
The only constant is change so kite is point in every direction with riders getting more
technical in what they are doing so let’s all enjoy it to the max.
Q.You judge the PKRA what’s happening there with tricks and style?
The format has changed allowing the riders to really perform the best and hardest tricks
possible in the competition conditions. For me it was a big step forward for the PKRA to
keep the competition side of kiteboarding interesting for everyone.
Q. Should we invest in raceboards or pickle-forks for next season?
In 2008 Best was leading the charge in racing with Sami Gali and his wife so I think Best
has been investing in racing without realizing it. I know Sam has started training for rac-
ing as well so the future looks good. I hope the Pickle-fork style comes back, then we
would have gone full circle right back to the early days.