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Q.What are your plans for this year, personal and professional?
My professional plans are to continue what we have started, both with KB4girls
and the KSP... my personal goals would be to have a bit of time for myself, to be
able to read a book or relax a bit or maybe even spend a little bit of time with my
family and friends. I guess my long term goal is to find more balance between it all.
Q. What do you think is going to happen to kitesurfing in the future, where
do you see the sport going?
My vision is that kiteboarding really grows into different directions... that freestyle,
race and wave riding develop in their own way and that each of them spreads
the message of kiteboarding to their individual target group. This would allow
kiteboarding to grow in a healthy way, to get people from lots of different back-
grounds involved and to give value to each of the disciplines. I really hope the
industry is going to pull together more and invest into the sport where it is most
needed and necessary- then there could be a bright future for the sport.
Q.TheLondonOlympicsareoverandnoweveryone is lookingforwardtoRio.
How do you think kiteboarding is going to shape up for 2016?
With the decision to include kiteboarding as a Sailboat class for Rio 2016 the ISAF
has also decided to include kiteboarding into the sailing world cups from the be-
ginning of the 2013 season and I think this will give athletes and national federa-
tion the chance to really see which direction they will want to go. A lot of riders
are going to start training plus the OlympicWindsurfers may join the kiteboarding
circuit as well, so the competition is going to be massive. As part of the sailing fam-
ily I see the racing part of the sport become more professional in the race manage-
ment, coaching and organizational side of things while maybe there will be some
other things that will lack a little bit... like possibly the lifestyle factor and maybe
the high level of spectator interaction that we are used to, but either way I think
everyone is trying their best to make kiteboarding look as spectacular as possible.
Q. Kristin, how do you manage to juggle so many roles at once, team rider,
KB4Girls organizer, KSPTour Manager, do you ever have a day off?
I don’t actually feel like I do manage to juggle them all and constantly feel like
there could be more hours in the day and more days in the week.. I would love to
focus more on riding and to spend a lot more time on the water as often I don’t
really feel like a kiteboarder anymore and I also feel as if KB4girls has moved too far
into the background for me. The KSP is my main priority and takes up all my time
and energy but I also feel like it is something very important for the sport, so I do
this work with passion.
Q.The KSP had an amazing first year last, great winds, great waves and some
stellar locations, how are you going to beat that this season?
Yes, I believe we did have a great first year and really could not have done anything
more. However, looking back we have learned a lot from the first season and have
only kept the one event that really was blowing everyone’s minds - the One Eye
Kite Surf Pro on Mauritius. Other than that the 2012 schedule is completely differ-
ent and we really tried to include different conditions to showcase the different
styles more but also to assemble a truly global tour that still shows kite surfing
at its best and delivers stunning images but that also delivers a lot of variety and
keeps it interesting. And of course, the one thing we are beating by far I think is the
live stream which we have hugely improved since last year.
Q.Who do you think might win the KSP this year?
This is a very tough question as there is so much incredible talent on the tour. On the
male side of things there is of course Airton Cozzolino who is still ripping as hard as
last year and who will want to defend his title, but then there are Mitu Monteiro who
missed the world championship title by a very small margin last year and probably
wants it bad. Keahi De Aboitiz has joined the circuit this year and has turned heads
with his incredible aerial maneuvers and we know he rips in all different conditions so I
certainly see him as a threat, but then there is also Pedro Henrique who has been a pro
surfer for years and has an incredibly professional approach to things and who does
not only kite like he surfs but is also super motivated.... well, and then of course Guilly
Brandao, Filippe Ferreira, Sebastian Ribeiro, Sky Solbach... it is like rolling the dice!
On the female side it’s even harder to choose I think... in the last few days I was riding at
One Eye with some of the female competitors and it blows my mind howmuch each of
them has improved, riding monsters without straps and ripping! I really would not be
able to tell if Ines Correia, Ninja Bichler or Jalou Langeree were scoring higher in their
freeride sessions, but the competition will get even tougher when Milla Ferreira, Kari
Schibevaag, Melissa Gil and the other female riders arrive... I would say, stay tuned and
tune into
o follow the battle at each event.
Q. Which of the 2013 gear has made it into your kit bag, what kites and boards
are you travelling with?
I travel with quite a lot of gear because I do a lot of different things... In the waves I
am riding the new Cabo and love it, so I always have a couple of them with me. In the
KB4girls events I love to ride Kahoonas, because they are so easy to ride that I can just
hand them to any of the participants and know they will improve on it and when I want
to go big and do some air style the Kahoonas are great too, so easy to master. I just
recently started to get on the raceboard again and when racing I ride theTS... Of course
I always have a KB4girls board with me and a couple of wave boards.