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Q: Give us a short overview about your graphical background, education
and passions?
My passion for art & design came from my father, he’s a painter; a commercial artist.
When I was 15 years old, I decided to dedicate my time to drawing and for doing sports!
I planned my life around those two things! 5 years in Paris studying graphic art. Then a
further 7 years in Paris gaining experience in as many fields as possible, model making,
typography, packaging, corporative identity, everything to build up a rounded portfolio.
I spent my time working or indulging myself in sports. Then in 2000 I took my first kite-
surf lesson and that changed my life. In one day it erased every plan and I had made
previously, I had a new dream to chase. Now I’m living in Spain, close to Barcelona, the
capital of the ‘moda’, between the sea and the mountains and a great place for the crea-
tive industries.
Q: Where do you get your inspirations for you work and which media tools do you
prefer if you creating designs/art?
Clearly, I get my inspiration from surfing and snowboarding! The art of design of those
sports and of the music that I listen to permeate everything I do. Of course, practicing
those sports is a big help to being immersed in their visual language. I’m happy with my
thoughts, pen and ink, painting, anything works for putting ideas on paper. Ultimately it
all ends up on computer, and then printed onto product or on the web. Adobe provides
the final step for all my designs.
Q: How is your passion forWatersports expressed in your creativity?
That’s where the ideas come from. Some days at the beach all you have to do is squint
and you’ve caught an image for a design.You can work out any design on the water, just
get into the zone. I work to ride and ride for work, how could it be better?
Q: Give us a short overview about your graphical background (e.g. university,
where your passions for designs come from…., sort of history)?
I was interested in design since I was a child... My first memory about that is drawing
cars, motorbikes, planes and space shuttles, filling them with different colors and lines.
Then my father came up with the first computer and I started to play with it designing
small banners and other things just for fun... When I was 13 I started windsurfing and it
was fun for me to draw different lines of sails and boards just for the fun of it. I think all
that together made my decision to study and then work in design.
When I was at university kitesurfing arrived... I was addicted to windsurf for ages and it
was natural for me to try another watersport; at first just for the lightwind days but soon I
realised I was quiting windsurfing... I enjoyed a lot making some custom kiteboards with
a friend and planning the design in the computer and then painting them...For all this
I think now I have the best job I can get!! Designing equipment for Bestkiteboarding!!!
Q: Where do you get your inspirations for you work and which media tools do you
prefer if you creating designs/art?
Nowadays the internet itself is a great inspiration for all designers, there you can see
what a person is doing in the opossite part of the globe. What you can see everyday
in your regular life is also a good inspiration. You can see a lots of interesting things on
the streets or in the city, and you just have to be heedful to catch and process all that
incoming info... Then you mix all together in your head and that starts the creativity; I
use to sleep with pen and paper next tome, because sometimes inspiration comes when
you’re sleeping..!!!!
I prefer to draw the desings first with pencil/pen/marker. Then pass them to computer
and improve as much as possible that first idea.You have to be careful using techniques
but mantaining your first concept. I like to play with Typographies, but also illustration
and icons.
Q: How is your creativity stimulated by your passion for watersport?
As I said, I designed for fun boards and sails since I started windsurfing and then kite-
boarding. Then I use to pimp all my surfboards... Now I’m designing for Best and it’s
incredible to get involved in all the design process and then testing your babies. It’s
exciting when the boards and kites you’ve seen only in Photoshop and illustrator finally
get real!!! Testing themon water is the best part of the work so far. Boards and kites must
have good performance, but also an exciting design !